Happy 26th Birthday.

20 Sep

La vida es una torre de experiencias sostenida por el tiempo. Maldito el tiempo que traiciona.

Welcome to your 26th year of life.

One day, very soon, as you are on your way to a job interview wearing pearl earrings and a corporate suit,  you will look at yourself in the mirror and say:  “Shit, I’m a grown woman”.

You will proceed to wear hip jeans and a pair of converse sneakers on the weekend (when you can get out of your grown-up woman’s attire), because  it was scary to see yourself as a grown woman in the mirror that one day.

And, you will remember that post, Tener Miedo by Ismael Serrano, one of your favorite songwriters, that you forwarded to me the other day.

You will read it again, finding comfort in his words and understanding what the fear you felt in front of the mirror that day was all about.

Because fear is like a heart monitor that beeps with every heartbeat, thus indicating we are indeed alive. Living and desperate to find out how the chapters of the rest of our lives will read.

Happy Birthday, my friend.


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