Needles for Relaxation/Sex with Gelato

22 Sep

Like This!

I’ve had rather hectic days at work these past few weeks. But it’s all good. In order to keep life interesting and protect my sanity, I need stressful, busy days.

Having tons to do in a day, may be good for my sanity but not so good for my muscles it seems (nor for my pile of clean yet wrinkled clothes that desperately scream for an iron).

A couple of days ago I started feeling  pain in my shoulder and it eventually creeped up to my neck like a nosy neighbor who can’t get enough gossip on her side of the street. I was once told that I expect to carry all the weight in the world right on my shoulders. And sometimes, I just need to let go.

Here’s the thing, I’m too young for this crap. Yes, it is my time to hustle and “pay my dues” to The Man so that one day I may relax all year long by the pool in my Santorini home.

But everything needs to be balanced. I have made an oath to remain zen and take a couple of minutes a day to breathe and find my core in between meetings, e-mails and long conference calls.

I also take a couple of minutes, like I did today, for sexual relations (with food) at work. Yes, today right around 3:30pm when I had just finished with a project that was a painful as walking on burning coal, I had sex with my key lime gelato right at my desk.

Most importantly, I have promised myself to stay away from the Blackberry and the work computer after 6pm unless extremely necessary. And trust me, I get enough done between the hours of 9am-6pm.

In need of balance, I went in for acupuncture right after work today. Just a couple of needles and my body came back to being my temple.

The best part is that my therapist is very much like a guru or spiritual leader. She senses people’s deepest emotions and is not afraid to counsel you on them with the wisdom and serenity that only a few people out there can. She is personable, educated and so easy to connect with on a spiritual level.

I had quite an Eat, Pray, Love day today. When are you going to treat yourself to yours?

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One Response to “Needles for Relaxation/Sex with Gelato”

  1. shelikesruffles September 25, 2010 at 7:15 pm #

    1- Key lime gelato? Yes please.
    2- I applaud your resolve to limit your computer/phone usage after work! My husband hates the fact that I get hooked on technology and I always have such a hard time putting it away in the evenings.

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