A Prescription for (Exotic) Travel

13 Aug

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After months of trying to schedule an appointment with my dentist, I was finally able to see him today. It turns out that every time I schedule an appointment with him, his secretary has to call me to cancel and reschedule last minute. Why? Because he’s enjoying his life and out of the office.

Forget about “out fishing” or “went golfing”. The man is traveling all over the place with his family. Sweet life. And honestly after all those years of studying, stressing out over tedious exams, and dealing with crazy patients who bite his fingers because they are impervious to anesthesia and are in a lot of pain while he’s all up in their mouths’ pulling out teeth (that would be me), he deserves a break every now and then.

It’s cool with me, I get it. I’d like to I will live that life one day, too.

He recently refurbished a retainer I was given for my upper teeth a few years after my braces were removed. “I am sorry to tell you that you have to wear this thing every day, all day long. Again, sorry to ruin your social and sexual life,” he said with a pearly-white-straight-and-perfect smile on his face.

Of course, I wore the darn thing around the house, never in public and mostly at night until one day I started forgetting to wear it at all. It really wasn’t sexy.

So, no hard feelings for my dentist given his recurrent travels, I walk in there today with my upper retainer on to complain about my teeth. “Doctor, my lower teeth are all over the place. See this tooth down here? It’s a bit crooked. And these other teeth right here, I don’t like the path they’ve taken.”

The guy gets me. He knows I like a straight smile. But most importantly, he also knows that teeth going wild can cause headaches and a lot of pain.

According to him, crooked teeth are a result of two things: excessive grinding at night or stress. And, after asking me questions about my life’s status, happiness and overall satisfaction with things, he prescribed the following: a simple retainer for my lower teeth and lots of exotic travel.

“The retainer is not urgent. But you really have to enjoy your youth and travel more.”

I thought I was going to end up with braces all over again or have to invest thousands of dollars in something like Invisalign. But no, he told me to travel far away and as often as possible.

I can comply with his treatment, especially the second part of it. I just wonder if he’ll waive all fees for the retainer so that I can put that money to good use and start traveling, again.

For the moment, I guess I’ll start wearing my retainers more often and travel vicariously though my photo albums.

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