Better in the Bahamas?

17 Jun

Welcome to the Bahamas

I was flying back to the motherland yesterday when 30 minutes into the flight, the captain announced that we were going to be making an emergency landing. The reason being that the captain detected a “strange smell” in the cabin and wanted to land as soon as possible to make sure everything was OK. Some people said it smelled like smoke, I smelled some weird gas that triggered my asthma.

Flight attendants started searching the overhead compartments. Some girl sitting across from me started having a panic attack. I kept looking around waiting for someone to stand up and say we were hijacked. I actually remember thanking God for everything he had given me over my 24-year lifetime.

We landed in Nassau, Bahamas and a fire truck was waiting for us when we landed. You’d think they’d let us out of the plane that had a suspicious smell immediately after landing. Not the case. The Bahamian authorities did not want us to step into the airport, concerned about customs and the fact that passengers might not be carrying their passports onboard (I suspect). So we waited and waited in the funky smelling airplane until finally, 45 minutes after, we were allowed to deplane.

“Hello. Welcome,” said a very sweaty pair of firemen as I exited the plane. Not exactly as I had pictured my entrance into a tropical destination…

Once we got off the plane I was so excited. I had never been to Bahamas and just couldn’t wait to go outside and take some pictures and then blog about the whole experience.

Second after I realized this wasn’t happening.

We were immediately escorted to a secluded room in the immigration area. No one could exit the room under any circumstance. I felt like an illegal immigrant. Well, technically I was an illegal immigrant because I was one of the lucky passengers that did not have her passport with her.

After an hour of waiting in that room, we were told we’d leave Bahamas in about 5 hours. I was STARVING and to make matters worse, the only magazine I had in my bag was an issue of Bon Appetit. Not exactly what you want to be reading when you’re famished and under the custody of Bahamian customs officials!

This was my lunch:

Jet Blue snacks

And this was my dinner:

Wendy's Chicken Wrap

Let me add that both, “lunch” and “dinner” were served by three passengers who decided to take the lead and make sure everyone had something to eat, drink and even picked up all the trash as airport and airline employees just watched the show run.

We finally board a new plane and the flight attendants announce that in order to make up for the day’s ordeal, they were allowing us to watch movies for free as the DirecTV channels would no longer be in service once we left the Bahamas. They lied. People started asking what was wrong with the movie channels and they said “They only work on flights longer that 2 hours.” Ours was only 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

So they say its better in the Bahamas, huh? Yeah, my unexpected, first visit to the Bahamas wasn’t that amazing.

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One Response to “Better in the Bahamas?”

  1. Andrew June 18, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    So lame they wouldnt let you into the country… without your passport ha.

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